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Five Tips For Planning Your Honeymoon

Since we’re in the middle of a hot hectic Summer wedding season, Derek and I have been enjoying dreaming about our future honeymoon! We’re imagining Piña Coladas by the pool, long walks on the beach watching the sunset, and delicious food. Of course we’re putting the price, stress of traveling, and the amount of research on the back burner because who wants to think of those things!? Definitely not us! You’re supposed to enjoy your honeymoon – not stress over it! So why do you feel so overwhelmed? What you need is a good plan, a few expert tips, and the guidance of a professional honeymoon planner.

Here are 5 tips from Jessica at Uptown Events & Travel to de-stress your honeymoon planning:

     1. Use credit card points for flights

Let’s face it… weddings are expensive! With the average cost of a wedding in the Austin area you’re looking at about $30,000. Don’t settle on your dream wedding or your dream honeymoon. Do as the wise do and make your money work for you! Get a travel credit card and rack up those points. You’ll have your flight paid for in no time! My personal favorite has been the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, but feel free to check out Forbes list of Best Travel Credit Cards of 2018 to see what is best for you.


      2. Get your required travel documents early (passports, visas, vaccination records)

Most honeymooners do tend to seek out a more exotic or remote location for this special trip, which is likely to require a passport. If you don’t already have one, do not wait until the last minute. Wait times can range from 6 weeks to 6 months, so mark this one off your list early. Here is the US Department of State website where you can find out the specific requirements for the country you are visiting.

      3. Hire a Honeymoon Planner

You may be a do-it-yourself travel guru, but for things as special as this trip, they are best handled by a professional. Honeymoon Planners know how to create the most efficient itineraries and have access to amenities you can not get yourself online. (think… free breakfast every morning, spa credits, welcome gifts!) And most importantly, a honeymoon planner will deal with any problems before, during and after your trip so you don’t have to. Snorkeling excursion cancelled due to weather? We are on the phone immediately to get your day back on track and reschedule the activity. No need to spend your precious vacation time dealing with schedule changes; we’ve got it taken care of for you!

      4. Picking a destination that truly fits your style as a couple

This is also an area where your Honeymoon Planner can help. Sure you can spend days/weeks/months reading up on Rick Steve’s recommendations and where all the hip bloggers are telling you where to go, but ultimately none of those people are asking questions about you and how the destination may or may not best fit your desires. A Honeymoon Planner does just that!

What are activities you both like to do and is this destination the most fitting? Is this region of the area going to take way more time to reach then it’s really even worth in your itinerary? When do you want to visit this place and is it the best time to experience it.

      5. Read up on your destination guide- helpful info on weather, currency, time differences, tipping

Before traveling, a Honeymoon Planner can provide you with a destination guide. Spend some time reading through it to best prepare for packing. (weather/culture appropriate clothing, amount of money encouraged for tipping, etc.)

(Portrait of Jessica captured by Creatrix Photography)

Jessica Upton is a professional Honeymoon Planner at Uptown Events & Travel, with years of experience helping couples travel to places like Costa Rica, Hawaii, South Africa, Italy, Greece and much more. As a Virtuoso Travel Advisor, she has contacts with hoteliers all over the world, earning her clients hundreds to thousands of dollars of savings in amenities on their vacations. Jessica specializes in beach and adventure vacations. When you find yourself ready to begin planning your honeymoon, give her a call!

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