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How we prepared for OUR engagement session!

Most of y’all know that our plans for our own engagement session didn’t go very smoothly. I’m also a very “type A” person, so my “smooth” is much different than other people’s “smooth”… However, we were overly nervous, over planned, and over thought EVERYTHING. I promise you, I’m probably the worst client ever for a photographer. I’m THAT nightmare bride!

If you live in Texas, you know our weather changes daily. We have memes that make fun of the fact one day can be sunny and 90 degrees, then the next raining and 40 degrees. Well… since I chose my DREAM photographer, I wanted our session to be absolutely perfect. Let me tell y’all… It was perfect. Regardless of everything that went wrong!

Here are a few fun bullet points about planning, during, and after our session –

  1. We originally planned for July 2018. We rescheduled 5 times. 4 times because of weather and 1 time because of my hair color transitioning from brunette to blonde. A year later… We finally had our session in March 2019. (Don’t hesitate when the Texas weather isn’t perfect…we can easily reschedule!)
  2. I really overthought outfits. I was literally losing sleep over outfits choices! (Check out our Pinterest board that showcases what colors look best together and some outfit inspiration! It truuuuly helped me when I was over-stressing.)
  3. Along with overthinking our outfits…my shirt button BROKE when I was changing into it! Thankfully I went into survival mode and MacGyver’d the button to hold during our session.
  4. I always tell my clients to have a drink or a shot before your session if you’re really nervous. That’s what we did, and it was way more fun to also celebrate a drink beforehand! (Just don’t drink and drive!)
  5. We kept telling our photographer how awkward we thought we were. (Don’t do that! I promise you don’t look awkward! Even the poses that make you feel uncomfortable, will turn out AMAZING.)
  6. We booked my dream photographer. Money was not an issue when it came to our photos. We wanted someone who used film, had experience with real couples (not JUST styled shoots. Ask to see full galleries to see what you – as a client – would receive), and someone who we knew we would get along with. Find a photographer that checks every box for y’all!
  7. TRUST your photographer! Whatever she told us to do, where to stand, how to stand, which shirt Derek would wear, etc… We did! Your photographer knows best in this situation. (I had to step back from being a photographer, to being a client. Which was SO easy y’all. I loved not being in control for once! Surprisingly!)
  8. Don’t bug your photographer when the images will be ready… it’s worth the wait. They probably have multiple sessions/weddings before yours in queue to edit and send off. (Y’all, by the next day… I WAS DYING. I truly couldn’t wait. I think I drafted up like 5 emails to Hannah asking about photos. Thankfully Derek talked me down from pushing send like 20 times. HA! Listen to the “Derek” in your head!)
  9. Doing an engagement session was AMAZING to learn what poses we loved and which expressions weren’t our favorites… You’ll see an example below….
  10. Film will always be my favorite. Hence why I went with a film photographer. I wanted our moments captures timelessly and true to the moment.
  11. If you don’t have a location in mind, ask your photographer! Hannah chose our location for us because Laguna Gloria is absolutely stunning. SO many different backdrops for us!
  12. Last but not least! After chatting with Hannah, we’ve decided to capture a “First Look/Pre Wedding Session” so we can worry less about getting PERFECT images the day of the wedding if the weather isn’t perfect itself. (Since we’re getting married on a mountain… it’s a hit or miss! Hopefully a home run! BUT to ease my mind, I want to capture us in our wedding attire beforehand to make sure we have a few amazing images regardless of how our wedding day happens. We want our wedding day to mainly be about getting married and the meaning of it, rather then if the weather is sunny and we have the perfect amount of shade/breeze. This is the best decision for US! Talk to your photographer about what options you have to ease your mind!)

Hannah Mayson knew we were incredibly nervous since it was truly our FIRST time in front of a professional camera! She has us start by walking and of course looking at each other. (I officially know how silly it feels staring at your partner! But I promise/know from personal experience, that it makes for some adorable moments.)

Having a photographer take advantage of those cute in between moments, is awesome y’all. When we say, “Hey! Turn around! Kiss!” Just do itttt.

(I truly hate this photo below… But honestly? I LOVE having these “horrible” moments captured because Derek made me laugh so hard when Hannah told him to say something funny. I burst into laughter! I might not love my expression, but I love the moment.)

Remember when I mentioned we didn’t like us with a “serious” expression? Here’s an example… It’s just not “us”, but that’s why an engagement session is SO great! Now we know for the wedding day which poses are our favorites! (Plus we have these hilarious photos to go back and look at for a good laugh!)

Also remember when I mentioned to trust your photographer? We know where the gorgeous lighting is, or how to twist and turn y’all to show off your assets and curves! Here is a great example of how Hannah knew to switch up our pose when she wasn’t super crazy about our positioning.

(i.e. Mainly our height difference! You’ll notice in the first image that Derek is too tall for me to have my hands on his shoulders like that. Hannah had us walk down the trail a little bit more for Derek to be able to sit against the bridge railing in the second image. This slight change makes such a big difference in how comfortable we look and how close we are to each other! She’s amazing!)

If y’all have ANY questions about our sessions, write us a comment and we’ll answer what we can!

All in all. Hire a professional photographer to capture those important moments. It will be worth it. I can actually swear by it now!


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