Carlos Hernandez Film Workshop – Bridal Session – Mission San Jose

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I’m VERY excited to tell y’all about this amazing workshop… I’ve been following Carlos Hernandez‘s photography for quite some time now. Not only is he a true artist with the camera, but he’s also an Oregonian! So when I saw he was finally hosting a workshop in Texas, I HAD to sign up.

When I signed up for this workshop, I had a few things in mind…

  1. I wanted to practice movement. Not just the iconic “blurred” film photo of someone walking. (Okay, just kidding…I still wanted to capture that photo…) But the story of someone walking, touching an earring, grabbing her dress and swooshing it perfectly in the wind.
  2. Only bring my film cameras. I wanted to be IN the moment. I wanted to capture the exact moment I see, without the instant gratification. This also makes each image more intentional and meaningful in my eyes.
  3. Be creative. This is SOO important y’all! Just because this is my career – which it’s also my passion – I’ve learned I need to take time to be creative and do things that aren’t for my clients.

When you check out Carlos‘s website, you’ll notice his rich colors and incredible detail. To have him as a mentor for this gorgeous shoot was unbelievable. If you’re looking for a great film workshop or mentoring, you must attend one of his future dates!

Now for the pretty images…

Mission San Jose head table with greenery hanging from above and wooden reception chairs. Dark metal silver for weddings. film photographer Film Bridal portrait with cream, white, and greenery bouquet with flowing dress. Photographed at the historic San Jose Mission.

Thank you one more time Carlos!
Also, thank you Penelope for snapping this photo of my sunburnt, sweaty self from after the workshop!


Thank you to the amazing vendors!

Host: Carlos Hernandez Photography

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