What’s in my Styling Kit?

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We recently showed y’all How To Get Beautiful Detail Photos on Your Wedding Day – For My Clients. Now it’s time to show you what is IN my styling kit! This will showcase what I offer as your photographer and may help other photographers with examples of items to carry. Don’t worry… I’ve included a few pretty images to keep your attention!

Each item in my bag/container is accessible and organized in a way that makes it easy for me to reach, grab, and go.

Ring Dishes –
I have a handful of different ring dishes to choose from for different styles of weddings. These little dishes look great in invitation shots to give the image some depth.

Ring Boxes –
There are SOOO many amazing ring boxes out there with different types of textures and shapes. Leather, wood, vintage, velvet, etc. You can find the list of my favorite companies on THIS BLOG POST HERE. If you purchase your own ring box, you can even monogram the lid!

Silk Ribbon –
Using ribbon on invitation suites and the bride’s items can soften the details and help lead your eye through the image. We have a handful of loose silk ribbon and also ribbon on spools to give it some height in the image. If you’re looking for some of your own, try Amazon or Honey Silks!

Fabric and Styling Boards –
I have a mixture of loose fabric, thick styling boards, custom painted boards, and rollable styling surfaces. The loose fabric is perfect for traveling and packing light for destination weddings.

Locust Collection
Heirloom Bindery

Bling Wipes –
Bling Wipes are a necessity for those photographs of rings that sparkle at their best. I refuse to photograph a ring with a smudge!

Downy –
Carrying loose ribbons and fabrics in my kit means I do a lot of de-wrinkling. Do you know what works wonders? Downy. It’s been a huge lifesaver.

Clips –
Extremely helpful when I’m trying to pull the fabric tight so it doesn’t bunch behind the details.

Glue Dots, Double Sided Tape, or Needles –
These are all for holding down invitations, rings, and other items that might blow away or fall over.

Styling Blocks –
Depth, depth, depth!! These will help give you those beautiful layers of details and create interest.

Scissors –
Great for styling specific details, but also necessary when cutting tags off jewelry or floral stems.

I really try to not use the same details at every wedding. Especially since these items are not special to the wedding day. These are great when I need to grab something quick to tie all of the details together to create a story or give the image some depth.

For photographers – I can’t stress enough. Use what your client gives you first, then use these as an accent. Don’t rely on your styling kit for every wedding!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think we should add to our styling kit for next year in the comments below.

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