How to Get Beautiful Detail Photos on Your Wedding Day – For My Clients

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We all want those dreamy photos of our wedding day details… We spent SO long choosing our color palette, the stationery suites, the save the date cards, our earrings and don’t forget the family heirlooms you’ll be wearing. These images also start your wedding album off so beautifully. They capture the small little details of the day before the day has even started.

This post is all about how to help your photographer capture the best images of your details!

  1. Keep ALL of your details in one place.
    I highly recommend purchasing a bin or box to place all of your details in that you want photographed. This helps us grab and go once we arrive. (We don’t want you getting up to search for each item and wasting precious party/relaxation time!)

    Here are some items to set aside for your photographer:
    Stationery Suite
    Rings (ALL of them! Engagement AND wedding bands.)
    ALL jewelry/Groom’s Watch and Cufflinks
    Vow Books
    Anything Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
    Garter Belt
  2. Ring Boxes.
    MOST photographers who are known for detail photos own a handful of their own ring boxes to use. If you want your ring placed in a gorgeous velvet or vintage ring box, I suggest asking your photographer if they bring their own ring boxes or purchase your own. (You can even customize some with your initials or wedding date!)

    My favorite companies are:
    The Mrs. Box
    Design Ster Boxes
    Marble Wolf Boxes
    Bespoke Ring Box
  3. Keep your bridal suite clean and clear.
    This sounds like a face wash commercial…but it’s true! If you keep your room clean and clear from clutter, we can move around freely and maybe use one of the windows in the room for some natural lighting. We need clean natural light with minimal shadowing to create these beautiful images.
  4. Save 1-2 copies of your stationery for us.
    This includes the save-the-date, invitation, rsvp card, info card, envelope and every little detail you used to wrap them together and mail it (stamps, wax seals, belly bands, etc). We love having multiple copies especially if there’s something printed on the back on anything, we want to photograph the front and back. (This also include menu cards or programs!)
  5. Ask your florist for some extra florals.
    Most of the time your photographer will be in contact with the florist or know who the florist is for your day. But if not, it’s so helpful when our clients have already asked prior to the wedding for a couple of cuts of your florals to use in your detail photos! It really brings all the colors/theme together.
  6. Optional Objects.
    Here are a few items that I’ve photographed with the detail photos:
    Grandmother’s Clutch
    Great Grandmother’s Hairpiece
    Grandfather’s Shoe Shining Kit
    Handwritten Reserved Signs
    Mr. and Mrs. Table Cards
    Table Numbers
    Wedding Guest Favors (Custom Golf Tee, Salsa or Honey Jars, Dried Florals to toss, etc.)
    Beer Koozies
    Welcome Bags with Items
    College Graduate Ring
    A Handkerchief with Vow Detailing
  7. Open and take the tags off items.
    This will help your photographer tremendously! Please take off the tags from your jewelry, shoes and pull your dress out of the bag and place it on its own hanger. (Some brides have a custom hanger with their name or date on it.)

Here are a few of my favorite detail photos from previous weddings…

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